Definition of Question Classes

Class Definition

ABBREVIATION abbreviation
  abb abbreviation
  exp expression abbreviated
ENTITY entities
  animal animals
  body organs of body
  color colors
  creative inventions, books and other creative pieces
  currency currency names diseases and medicine
  event events
  food food
  instrument musical instrument
  lang languages
  letter letters like a-z
  other other entities
  plant plants
  product products
  religion religions
  sport sports
  substance elements and substances
  symbol symbols and signs
  technique techniques and methods
  term equivalent terms
  vehicle vehicles
  word words with a special property
DESCRIPTION description and abstract concepts
  definition definition of sth.
  description description of sth.
  manner manner of an action
  reason reasons
HUMAN human beings
  group a group or organization of persons
  ind an individual
  title title of a person
  description description of a person
LOCATION locations
  city cities
  country countries
  mountain mountains
  other other locations
  state states
NUMERIC numeric values
  code postcodes or other codes
  count number of sth.
  date dates
  distance linear measures
  money prices
  order ranks
  other other numbers
  period the lasting time of sth.
  percent fractions
  speed speed
  temp temperature
  size size, area and volume
  weight weight