Package edu.illinois.cs.cogcomp.lbj.coref.decoders

Interface Summary
KeyDecoder<ST extends Solution> Interface for decoders that extract the gold (true) values, or keys, from a document.
SolutionDecoder<ST extends Solution> Descendants take classifiers (or a set of input structures), and produce a Solution appropriate to the evaluation tasks.

Class Summary
BestLinkDecoder Translates classification decisions to a collection of coreference equivalence classes in the form of a ChainSolution via the decode method according to the best link decoding algorithm.
BIODecoder Translates a BIO classifier's decisions into a ChunkSolution.
ChainSolutionDecoder<ST extends ChainSolution<CT>,CT,ET> Base class for decoding decisions into chain solutions.
ChunkDecoder A decoder that translates a document to a ChunkSolution.
CorefDecoder Translates coreference decisions to a ChainSolution via the decode method.
CorefKeyDecoder A decoder that extracts the true entities of a document and encodes them in a ChainSolution.
DecoderWithOptions<ST extends Solution> Abstract class for decoding some set of predictions into an arbitrary solution type.
ExtendHeadsDecoder A decoder for determining the extents of the mentions, given their heads as chunks.
KeyChainDecoder<CT> Decodes a document into a ChainSolution.
MentionDecoder A decoder that translates a document into a MentionSolution.
ScoredCorefDecoder Base class for decoders which depend on a score from a learned classifier.