Package edu.illinois.cs.cogcomp.lbj.coref.exampleExtractors

Interface Summary
CExampleExtractor This interface specifies a type of ExampleExtractor that extracts CExamples from Docs.
DocExampleExtractor<T> This interface specifies a type of ExampleExtractor that extracts examples from Docs.

Class Summary
BatchExExtractor<T> The base class for all example extractors that use a batch process.
CExampleExtractorBasic Extracts coreference examples from a document from all ordered pairs of mentions of a document such that any filters accept them.
CExExClosestPosAllNeg Generates examples of coreference in the following way: For each mention, create a positive example with the nearest preceding coreferential mention, and create negative examples with each preceding non-coreferential mention.
CExExtractorUntilTrue FIXME: This code should inherit from an onlineCExample class
DocFilteredBatchExEx<T> Extracts examples from a document using a batch process.
ExampleExtractor<T> Generic example extractor.
FilteredBatchExExtractor<T> Extracts examples with a facility for getting all examples in batch and filtering examples.
IntroExEx Extracts introduction examples (IntroExamples) from a document.